Private Tutors

The following Good Hope teachers are available for private tutoring.  Please contact the teacher for further information including dates, times, price, etc.
*Feel free to ask any of these tutors if they are able to help with ORGANIZATION!


Teacher Subject

Subjects Tutored


Sandy Baughman 7th Grade English English, Reading/Ac Lit, Social
Mariellen Cassel 7th Grade Learning Support (Reading/ ELA, Pre-Algebra)  6th/7th Gr Reading, English, Pre-Algbera, Executive Functioning, Study Skills
Ryan Coleman 6th Grade Social Studies English, SS, 6th gr Math, Pre-Algebra, Reading/Ac Lit, Science, Study Skills
Jake Evans 7th Grade English  English, Social Studies, Reading Skills, Reading
 Jill Gieseler 6th/7th Grade Reading/Ac Lit  Reading/Ac Lit, Study Skills, Science, Social Studies, English
Michael Graybill 6th Grade Social Studies Social Studies, Reading/Ac Lit, Science, Study Skills
 Jena Peters 7th Grade Social Studies   Social Studies, Study Skills, Organization
Luke Grice 8th Grade English Reading/ Ac Lit, English
Candy Gruber 6th-8th Gr Reading/Ac Lit English, Reading/Ac Lit, Social Studies, Study Skills
 Caryn Hanks 6th Grade Social Studies English, Ac Lit/Reading, Social Studies, Study Skills
 Suzy Johnson 6th Grade Learning Support Reading/Ac Lit, Math 6
Michelle Jones 6th Grade Reading Reading/Ac Lit, SS, English, Organization, Homework, Study Skills
 Lindsay Lau 7th grade Math Math 6, Math 7, Algebra
Christina Lewis 7th Grade Social Studies English, Social STudies, Study Skills
Juan Londono Spanish Spanish 1, Spanish 2
 Amber Miller Behavioral Specialist Organization, study skills, homework
Abbey Neal Spanish Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Stephanie Perretta 8th Grade Math/Algebra/Geo 6th-8th Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry
Gretchen Pugh 6th Grade Science Science, Study Skills, Organization
 Matthew Rau Math 8, Algebra, Geometry Math 7 & 8, Pre-algebra/ Algebra
 Natalie Roth 7th Grade Pre-Algebra/ Algebra
6th Gr math, Pre-Algebra, Algbera
Courtney Semmel 7th Grade Social Studies Social Studies, Study Skills, Organizaiton
Taylor Williams 6th Grade ELA ELA, Study Skills, Organization
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