8th Grade Hershey Park Trip

8th Grade Students 4th Annual Good Hope Middle School Hershey Park Trip Information and Q and A

When:  Friday, June 1, 2018

Depart: approximately 10:30 am (just before school dismissal time)

Return: approximately 10:00 pm to Good Hope Middle

Cost$20 per student and must be purchased in advance to attend. The GHMS PTO is partially sponsoring this trip. Season pass holders: The PTO will purchase a meal ticket for each student who will use their own pass.

Deadline:  We must pay ahead to reserve the tickets, so a signed permission form and money are due in the school office by Friday, May 18, 2018.

Supervision:  Adult chaperones are volunteer parents of 8th graders. They will be assigned a group of students who will ride the bus with them and check-in with their chaperone throughout the day. Chaperones hand out tickets to the students before entering the park and will be present in the park all day.

Student Responsibilities:  Each student must turn in a signed permission form and purchase his/her own ticket through the PTO to attend this trip. Each student is responsible for his/her own spending money, including food/drink expenses, and their own possessions (i.e. extra clothes, etc.). Students will be required to check in several times during the day with their assigned chaperone either in person or via cell phone. The students will be randomly grouped for bus purposes and checking in purposes ONLY. At all other times they are free to be with their friends.

Question: We lost the permission form? Where can we get another one?

Answer: You can complete the form online (click here) then print it to turn it in, or pick up a copy in the School Office.


Question: Can my student leave the Field Trip early or must my student return on the bus to Good Hope Middle School.

Answer: Yes, students can be picked early at one time this year, 4:15 PM, with parents permission. We will have someone who is in charge of students leaving early. The Parent/Guardian must send in a note with the student that the student will be picked up and who will be picking up the student.


Question: I want to chaperone, who do I contact?

Answer: Fill out the form sent home or contact Denyse Miskin at 717-480-9865 or denysemiskin@gmail.com


Question: If I chaperone the trip can my other children ride the bus?

Answer: No, no one can ride the bus except for 8th graders and the chaperones.


Question: As a chaperone do I need to remain at Park?

Answer: Yes. Chaperones need to stay at the park for the entire day.


Question: Does my student have to remain with their initially assigned group?

Answer: No, students ONLY need to ride on the bus to Hershey Park with their Chaperone, and check in with their designated Chaperone.


Question: How many chaperones will there be?

Answer: We have 10 kids to 1 chaperone goal, as well as additional chaperones who will be coordinating First Aid and other necessary stuff for the trip.


Question: Can my student use the ticket from the recent Hershey Park ticket sale?

Answer: No, tickets must be either purchased through the PTO or the student can use their season pass only.


Question: What are the ‘Check In’ Times?

Answer: The students must check in with their chaperone by phone or text at 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm then again in person at 4:30 pm and again at 9:00 pm to leave the park.


Question: What happens if my student doesn’t check in?

Answer: The students are required to check in at the designated times above. If the student does not check in with 15 minutes, the student’s parent will be called. The parent will be asked to come and pick up their student.


Question: Can my student leave the park during the field trip?

Answer: No, everyone must remain inside the park.


Question: My student doesn’t have a cell phone. Is that an issue?

Answer: Not a problem. Your student could be a ‘buddy’ with someone who has a cell phone. We will find a way.


Question: Can I bring my student to the Park?

Answer: No, we want everyone to ride the bus to the park. There are instructions and information we need to disseminate to the students prior to arriving.


Question: Can I meet my student at the park?

Answer: Yes.

Have other questions? Contact PTO at GHMS.PTO@gmail.com

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