Private Tutors

The following Good Hope teachers are available for private tutoring.  Please contact the teacher for further information including dates, times, price, etc.
*Feel free to ask any of these tutors if they are able to help with ORGANIZATION!


Teacher Subject

Subjects Tutored


Sandy Baughman 7th Grade English English, Reading/Ac Lit, Social
Mariellen Cassel 7th Grade Learning Support (Reading/ ELA, Pre-Algebra)  6th/7th Gr Reading, English, Pre-Algbera, Executive Functioning, Study Skills
Ryan Coleman 6th Grade Social Studies English, SS, 6th gr Math, Pre-Algebra, Reading/Ac Lit, Science, Study Skills
Patty Colon 6th Grade Math  All math levels, Spanish (all levels)
Jake Evans 7th Grade English  English, Social Studies, Reading Skills, Reading
 Kelly Fultz 7th Grade Learning Support  6th/7th Math, 6th/7th Reading/ Language Arts
 Jill Gieseler 6th/7th Grade Reading/Ac Lit  Reading/Ac Lit, Study Skills, Science, Social Studies, English
Michael Graybill 6th Grade Social Studies Social Studies, Reading/Ac Lit, Science, Study Skills
 Jena Peters 7th Grade Social Studies   Social Studies, Study Skills, Organization
Luke Grice 8th Grade English Reading/ Ac Lit, English
Candy Gruber 6th-8th Gr Reading/Ac Lit English, Reading/Ac Lit, Social Studies, Study Skills
 Caryn Hanks 6th Grade Social Studies English, Ac Lit/Reading, Social Studies, Study Skills
 Suzy Johnson 6th Grade Learning Support Reading/Ac Lit, Math 6
Michelle Jones 6th Grade Reading Reading/Ac Lit, SS, English, Organization, Homework, Study Skills
Christina Lewis 7th Grade Social Studies English, Social STudies, Study Skills
Juan Londono Spanish Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Jake Miller 8th Grade Social Studies Math, Reading, English, Science, Social Studies
Abbey Neal Spanish Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Stephanie Perretta 8th Grade Math/Algebra/Geo 6th-8th Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry
Gretchen Pugh 6th Grade Science Science, Study Skills, Organization
 Matthew Rau Math 8, Algebra, Geometry Math 7 & 8, Pre-algebra/ Algebra
 Natalie Roth 7th Grade Pre-Algebra/ Algebra
6th Gr math, Pre-Algebra, Algbera
Courtney Semmel 7th Grade Social Studies Social Studies, Study Skills, Organizaiton
Kurt Waldner 7th Grade Pre-Algebra/ Algebra 6th Gr Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra
Taylor Williams 6th Grade ELA ELA, Study Skills, Organization
Carrie Lebo District Sub.  certified K-8 in ELA, Masters in Science Education
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